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St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School

Mission Statement

'In the light of Jesus, we learn to shine.'

Our Aims

Live the Gospel values of faith, love, forgiveness and care in our lives.

Challenge and encourage all to become creative, resilient and independent lifelong learners using a rich vocabulary.

Work with our community to prepare for our future by following the values and teaching of Jesus.

We live out our Mission and Aims by...

  • Living out our golden rules and our Mission
  • Our day-to-day nurturing environment
  • Placing RE at the core of the curriculum
  • Teaching the ‘Come and See’ programme and sharing daily collective worship/continuous provision
  • Providing a safe, welcoming and nurturing school where all are valued and welcomed
  • Promote acts of love and friendship, e.g. by sharing, towards one another
  • Celebrate and share success through assemblies, displays, rewards, Rejoice assemblies, Twitter, Mission Award
  • Children involved in planning and leading collective worship and reflection – KS2
  • Our Parish Priest’s celebration of and parishioners’ attendance at school Masses
  • Celebrate with other Warrington Catholic Schools
  • Supporting local and global charities: Warrington Open Door, food banks, refugees, CAFOD, MacMillan, Fairtrade, Colours of Peace, Save Kirsty Mac, St Rocco’s, through fund- raising and raising awareness
  • By listening to each other and valuing, respecting and responding to opinions
  • Preparing to receive Sacraments
  • Promoting good role models (school/HB & HG buddies’ roles, prefects)
  • Promoting circle of friends, nurture groups
  • Listening to School Councillors, prefects, others
  • Using manners daily being ‘shining examples’
  • Promoting positivity by giving rewards, certificates and during discussions
  • Celebrating assemblies (Christmas/ Easter) and class Masses
  • Experiencing life experiences through role play
  • Promoting positive relationships with everyone in school
  • Promoting the understanding of other faiths and cultures (theme weeks, anti- racism, anti-bullying NSPCC visits)
  • Singing at Ryfields at Christmas
  • Preparing for Reconciliation in Y5 and Y6
  • Sharing our travelling crib with our school community
  • Advent prayer bags with our families
  • CW Theme every week for school
  • Saint of the Day research for Friday assembly
  • Holy Day Masses in school
  • Staff donation to families in crisis
  • Journey in Love taught in school
  • Well-being Days for our staff
  • Each class celebrates a Mass at Church
  • Pastoral team are available to talk with staff and children (talk-about group)
  • Using current technology in all learning opportunities
  • Recognising every child is made in the image and likeness of God; therefore striving to personalise learning
  • Valuing each child’s contributions
  • Providing an exciting, stimulating  curriculum; catering for all learning styles; learning through play EYFS
  • Promoting a variety of extra-curricular activities through clubs and wrap-around care
  • Build commitment and resilience through residential visits
  • Making learning enjoyable
  • Pupils contribute through school council
  • Using Reading Plus, staff and adult readers (parish) helpers.
  • Providing a stimulating and safe learning environment which provides opportunities for all to shine and celebrate success
  • JSO (Junior Safety Officers) promoting safety inside and outside school
  • Enhancing children’s school life by providing educational visits and residential weeks
  • Having high expectations for children
  • Providing opportunities and challenge for those children with Special Educational Needs, and More Able
  • Encouraging team work in class, school and clubs
  • Promoting combined learning for school, parents/carers, staff and children through Family Learning, opportunities: Knowledge Fairs, Meet the Teacher, Parents’ Evenings
  • Promoting Homework Club for pupils
  • Secondary partnership work
  • Providing Educational/Arts/theme week visits
  • Governors’ experience sharing with their own class
  • Parents’ visit to speak about clubs
  • Replay (extra) Music Club provided for children
  • Music tuition in Key Stage 2
  • Annual Art calendar competition (Warrington Borough Council)
  • Regular School Council/Buddies Meetings
  • Governors for each class in school
  • SATs breakfast during SATs week
  • Home visits – from our Nursery staff
  • Stay and Play sessions in our Nursery
  • Links with high school, Collective Worship and performances/transition sessions
  • School Digital Leaders
  • School Games Award encouraging competition and being active
  • Music Award for our music curriculum
  • SENCO inclusion award providing for all
  • Weekend visits to Junior parkrun encouraging healthy living
  • Visiting members of the local community
  • Keeping parents/carers well informed through the school website and a regular school newsletter/twitter feed
  • Ensuring parents/carers receive the weekly parish newsletter
  • Valuing parents’/carers’ and pupils’ views and opinions via annual questionnaires and less formal discussions
  • Inviting members of the parish and local community into school to meet pupils
  • Working closely with the other schools in our parish
  • Inviting in outside agencies such as:  police, fire officers, nurses, dentist, optician, Everton in the Community and Road Safety Officers to participate in our learning. Knowsley CLC (internet safety)
  • Studying other faiths and cultures, including visiting other places of worship
  • Instilling global values through: school council, prefects, buddies and green warriors
  • Providing opportunities for children to showcase their talents and compete (sports, singing, choral, speech choir, music)
  • Nurturing a welcoming ethos for all
  • Taking part in local initiatives
  • Involving parents/carers in school through: courses, visits, assisting, celebrations
  • Collaborating actively with groups in our parish and locality (sacramental preparation, class masses, celebrations)
  • Making connections on a global scale with our worldwide community
  • We collaborate by providing:- Parent/carer music assemblies
  • Summer and Christmas Fairs
  • CAFOD events in school
  • Refugees ‘Y6’ sponsorship
  • MacMillan coffee mornings
  • Democracy through School Council
  • LGBT – respecting differences
  • NSPCC assembly and workshops
  • Big First-Aid/First Aid presentations and workshops
  • Smart Heart presentations
  • Gospel/Young Voices
  • Bridgewater Hall visit
  • Feast of Choirs event
  • Fire Tent demonstration
  • Warrington Wolves Foundation assembly
  • Goodison links
  • St Benedict’s Day Mass
  • Warrington Walking Day
  • Celebrations – Pentecost
  • Remembrance
  • Church walks, Church story, crib experience
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