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School Curriculum

The phonics scheme that we use throughout the school is Sounds Write.

Our current reading scheme is a colour book banded scheme in which children work through a colour banded book linked to their current reading ability. The scheme has both fiction and non-fiction books.


Jesus said, ‘I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.’  John 10.10

Curriculum Intent

School Essentials – These are our four key drivers that guide and shape the curriculum to meet the needs of our children and our community. 

  • Creativity - Our curriculum is delivered with imagination, taking in the context of the school and our community, to help engage our children.  It has measurable educational value whilst promoting a student's social, emotional and intellectual development.  

  • Resilience - A resilient child is a child who is really optimistic and hopeful. We will give children opportunities to tackle difficult problems, some of which they might not resolve.  Through this process they will learn to view problems as things to solve, rather than be overwhelmed by. They will learn to deal effectively with mistakes or things they get wrong.  They will learn to acknowledge that sometimes they cannot do things – yet.   

  • Independence - We will develop every child’s academic, personal and social skills, to investigate, explore, to ponder and solve problems for themselves, and so build their independence. 

  • Vocabulary – Our curriculum is filled with opportunities to expose our children to high-level, ambitious vocabulary from a range of sources relevant to our school, our community and the wider world. 

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